How do I sell my idea?

You’ve got a great idea; now what? Selling your idea is easy when you’re using LOCI.

This method is what’s currently available on the LOCI platform. Coming later this year, the LOCI Marketplace will exist to facilitate more monetization options for both buyers and inventors.

As it stands, selling ideas is doing through what we call bidding. When you run an Invention Analysis on LOCI, and score high enough (refer to the linked Invention Analysis help page), you're given the option to "stake your idea." This means that you can publish your idea to the blockchain, all the while getting reward with LOCIcoin and gaining protection through something called Proof of Public Disclosure.

Now that you have your refined idea, and it's protected on the blockchain, it'll now become available on the LOCI platform. Any time someone searches something relevant to your idea, it'll pop up. Users that find your idea are prompted with the option of bidding on it. If a user is interested and places a bid, you'll receive notification from us to facilitate a sale.

Today, that's how you're able to sell and monetize your idea on LOCI. As mentioned before, a LOCI Marketplace, which we deem the eBay of ideas, is in development and will be coming soon. We hope that with the addition of a marketplace, monetizing and selling your ideas will be easier than ever before.

If you aren't to keen on selling your idea, we also offer a next step: patenting it. With LOCI, you'll now be able to file a provisional patent right in the platform either on your own, or through either the help of LOCI network attorney or your own. Whatever route you decide to take, know LOCI has your back.

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