LOCIcoin Economics

With LOCIsearch pegged at $249.99/month, how does that affect the token price?

The price of LOCIsearch is $249.99/month. There are multiple use cases of LOCIcoin, such as staking claims and it’s use as a monetary medium on the LOCIsearch exchange. We can’t speculate on the price of LOCIcoin.

What happens to tokens used on a subscription?

Tokens paid to Loci for subscription or for blockchain posting will end up in the pool of tokens that we use for IP purchasing/exchanging.

Is LOCIcoin an investment?

LOCIcoin is not an investment. LOCIcoin is a utility token that’s sole purpose is for utility on the LOCIsearch platform and within the Loci ecosystem.

What happened to the unsold tokens?

Unsold tokens will be locked up for a four year vesting period. 25% will become available every year for the purpose of supporting the growth of the Loci ecosystem.

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