LOCI Search is completely free to use as a searching tool. You’re able to quickly search through information and use some of the powerful features included in the platform.

If you're interested in using our Invention Analysis, or want to stake a claim on the blockchain, you're able to buy individual analysis' using LOCIcoin. LOCIcoin is the utility token that powers the LOCI Search platform. It is a simpler way to pay for the value that LOCI Search brings for inventors who are looking to decide how novel their idea is in the IP landscape. If you haven't purchased LOCIcoin on a secondary exchange, we make it easy for you to buy it on the LOCI Search platform.

Each analysis costs a total of 20 LOCIcoin.

  • 20 LOCIcoin is $50.
  • 50 LOCIcoin + 10 Bonus LOCIcoin is $125.
  • 100 LOCIcoin + 30 Bonus LOCIcoin is $250.

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